Advertising policy

Advertisements must be relevant to the scientific and academic community. This includes products, services, conferences, educational programs, and scientific equipment.

All advertisements should adhere to high ethical standards, providing truthful, non-deceptive information. Misleading, offensive, or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited.

Advertisements will not influence editorial decisions. There will be a clear distinction between editorial and advertising content, with no endorsement implied by the journal.

Advertisers must submit their content for review. The journal reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements based on compatibility with its values and audience's interests.

Advertising rates and placement options will be communicated upon request. The journal maintains discretion over the positioning of ads.

The journal will disclose its advertising policy and any changes to it to its readers and contributors.

By adhering to these guidelines, NIJOPHASR ensures that its advertising content maintains the integrity and focus of the journal while providing valuable information to its audience.

To advertise in this journal contact:

Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Science Research,
Faculty of Pharmacy,
University of Uyo
Akwa Ibom State