NIJOPHASR offers hard copies of reprints and journals of published articles for sale. The prices/charges are as follows:

Publication Charges

  1. Fast track - US$600.00
  2. Normal track - US$300.00


  1. Africa -- US $ 15
  2. Rest of the world -- US $ 20 each

Journal Subscription

Internet Access --- Free

Hard Copies (including postage per volume of 12 issues)


Personal -- US $ 500 per annum or N 65,000

Institution -- US $ 900 per annum or N100,000

Rest of the World

Personal -- US $ 500 per annum or US $ 900

Institution -- US $ 900 per annum or  US $ 1200

Single Issue

Personal -- N 12,000 (Nigeria) or US $ 120 (Rest of the world)

Institution -- N 18,000 or US $ 180

Payment Options

  1. Online Payment using Credit/Debit Cards

Online payment using credit or debit card can be made HERE. For this option, an additional US$40 (for FAST-TRACK) or US$24 (for NORMAL TRACK) is charged for contingency. The supplementary payment option should be used only as directed by the editorial office (contact if you want to use the supplementary payment option).

Refund Policy: Refund of payment is not applicable on account of delay in publication of article. However, request for refund/partial refund of payment may be made (1) if the product for which payment has been made is not delivered, and (2) a notice of non-delivery of product purchased is made to us at least thirty (30) days before request for refund is made. Products here include manuscripts for publication and published articles while delivery include 'publication of article'. For any refund, you will first contact us to request for refund/partial refund directly; and kindly allow at least two weeks for investigation. The following are the conditions under which refunds/partial refunds will be granted:

  1. Payment of publication charge made after provisional acceptance of manuscript but before editorial report/reviewer comments are sent sent to the authors: Authors will be entitled to 50% of the publication charge, less the bank transaction charge for the refund
  2. If a refund request is made after the editorial/review report has been sent to the authors (following payment of the publication charge) and the authors choose not to continue with the further processing and publication of the manuscript, the author is entitled a partial refund of 30% of the publication charge.
  3. There shall be no refund/partial refund after a revised manuscript is returned to the editors by an author and/or after the paper is published.

Withdrawal of credit card payments for products delivered will attract appropriate legal action, in addition to blacklisting all the authors of the manuscript.

  1. Transfer through your Bank

For this option, you should add additional US$30 for contingency. After making the payment, you must download your payment receipt and email to

The beneficiary details are as follows:

For credit to:
Swift Code: FCMBNGLA

Final Beneficiary:    
Name: Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Science Research,  

Account No.: 7066122016

Bank: FCMB

Other payment options are loading.

For this payment option, add US$30 to the amount being transferred for corresponding bank charges.

  1.  Electronic Money Transfer

Moneygram (, WorldRemit (, and TransFast ( Payment can be made via their online systems or in person at their agent locations, if available in your city/country.

Please contact NIJOPHASR Editorial Office ( for guidance on the use of this option.

  1. Payment Within Nigeria (for authors residing in Nigeria only)
    For Nigerians, the amount to be paid is usually communicated to the corresponding author. Such payment should be made to the Naira accounts in any of the following banks:

Name: Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Science Research,  

Account No.: 7066122016

Bank: FCMB

After making the payment, you must download your payment receipt and email to