A study of fake eye lash extensions for microbial infestation and its associated ocular health risks on the wearers

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Olufemi L. Okunye
Philip A. Idowu
Babatunde M. Okanlawon
Eunice M. Coker
Olufunmilayo E. Adejumo
Michael O. Osungunna
Moses O. Adeyemo
Winifred O. Aitalegbe


Background: Eyelash extension has become the latest cosmetic trend in almost every country of the world, because they are considered as a sign of feminity in some community culture. This study investigated the rationale for wearing fake eye lashes, evaluated the microbial composition of both used and unused fake eye lashes extension from selected volunteers, and relate it to ocular health risks on the wearers.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey of selected respondents were randomly sampled and examined. Questionnaires were served to investigate their rationale for wearing fake eye lashes, frequency of wearing eye lashes extension, level of education, discomfort and various problems associated with fixing and removal of fake eye lashes extension.. Bacteriological examination of both used and unused fake eye lashes samples collected was carried out on selective, differential and enriched culture media separately for the isolation of bacterial of clinical status.

Results: Individual respondent’s experiences from wearing fake eye lashes extension varied considerably. But the percentage responses of yes to discomfort were significant both from the questionnaires and graphical points of view. The percentage distribution of the isolates of bacterial from both used and unused fake eye lashes varied in ratios; coagulase negative staphylococci 10:40, Staphylococcus aureus 8:42, Klebsiella spp 5:30, Pseudomonas spp 3:18, Streptococci spp 0:8, Enterobacter spp 0:20.

Conclusion: Fake eyelashes extension harbor bacteria that could assume a pathogenic status,   coupled with the pain associated with its fixing and removal. 


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L. Okunye, O. . ., A. Idowu , P. ., M. Okanlawon, B. ., M. Coker, E. ., E. Adejumo, O. ., O. Osungunna , M. ., O. Adeyemo, M. ., & O. Aitalegbe, W. . (2022). A study of fake eye lash extensions for microbial infestation and its associated ocular health risks on the wearers. Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Science Research, 11(2), 1–8. Retrieved from https://www.nijophasr.net/index.php/nijophasr/article/view/463


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